The Apprenticeship Levy begins in May - are you ready?

By Dudley College of Technology
schedule2nd Feb 17

Are you a UK employer with an annual pay bill over £3m?  If so, you must pay the new Apprenticeship Levy that begins in May 2017.  We can guide you through the complexities of the changes and help you to plan your Apprenticeship programme ahead of the changes.  Apprenticeship levy

If you do not pay the levy (i.e. you have a payroll of less than £3m), the Government have introduced a new ruling from 1st April 2017.  The ruling will mean that your business will have to contribute 10% of the full value of Apprenticeship funding for each apprentice you train.  If you act now and take on an Apprentice before April 2017, the Apprentice’s training will be fully funded.  Non-levy paying employers - Act now to save 10%

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